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Subud is a non-denominational spiritual association. The Subud receiving is a worship of God. Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, known as Bapak, meaning 'father' in Bahasa Indonesian, founded Subud after receiving a revelation from Almighty God.

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Although Bapak was the first person to receive the Subud contact and spiritual training, we do not worship him. Through the Subud receiving, we worship only the One Almighty God. Simultaneously, we revere Bapak for bringing us Subud and for the example he gave as a true human being who was guided by the power of the One God. This guidance is the essence of Subud and this true human potential is open to all who follow the Subud spiritual receiving with patience, trust and sincere submission to God's power.

Subud should not be confused with Subuh, Bapak's name. Subud is an acronym derived from three sanskrit words: Susila, Budhi and Dharma.

After following the Subud training for some time, Bapak was given to know that the receiving was not for him alone, but to share with all mankind. Thus, he freely transmitted Subud to anyone who requested the contact with the Great Life Force or the Power of the One God that is within each of us.

Thus, Subud spread, for the contact did not require Bapak's personal attendance. The Subud contact can be transmitted by anyone who follows the receiving.

The Subud receiving awakens a person's inner self, guided by the power of God. The receiving is actually spontaneous and different for everyone. Subud cannot be understood by the mind. The receiving is not meditation nor a teaching nor a philosophy. Subud can only be experienced. The experience is received with full awareness and carried out with an attitude of submission to the will of God. Subud is followed within one's ordinary life.

Bapak urged Subud members to start enterprises to provide for their own welfare and to fund Subud charitable efforts. Development of Subud enterprises is intended to benefit not just Subud members but all of mankind.

Subud spread to the West in the late 1950s and thousands received the contact. By 1971, Subud groups had been established in more than 70 countries. Perhaps a million people have experienced the receiving. Although Bapak was a Muslim, Subud is not a religion and the Subud receiving embraces people of all religions.

There is no charge for the Subud contact, and it is given freely to anyone who asks.

Bapak gave over a thousand talks to satisfy Subud members' questions about the spiritual training. Simultaneously, he entreated members to experience the reality of his explanations through their own contact with God's power via the Subud receiving.

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